cathylee123: Richard Lewis Casts Hilarious Low Ranked Silver CS: GO Games

Richard Lewis Casts Hilarious Low Ranked Silver CS: GO Games

Okt 13 2017 på 03:11
On a stream broadcast on the 4th of October, CS: GO analyst Richard Lewis casted low ranked competitive Csgo skins for sale matchmaking games.
Richard Lewis is an esports journalist and analyst who is well known in the Counter-Strike scene. Perhaps best known for uncovering the American match-fixing scandal and for hosting ELEAGUE CS: GO tournaments, he’s also commentated in the past.
In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players can partake in competitive matchmaking, the more skilled people are at the game and the more they win, the higher they are rated. New and struggling players are usually positioned low as they cannot compete against better opponents.
The lowest group of ranks in CS: GO are the silver ranks. Through the in-game demo watching software GOTV, players can watch other live video games.
Richard Lewis was streaming through Twitch on Wednesday night when he decided he would try and professionally cast some low placed games. After a few issues with GOTV, they finally found a Silver III game and settled in to watch.
With co-caster Vince ‘Metuz’ Hill, the stream followed the player ‘New at the game’ and his action-packed competitive matches.
The result was a hilarious stream where the duo associated with casters struggled to remain serious as the low ranked players forgot to buy armor, flashed themselves, and peaked corners while reloading.
Viewers witnessed everything from incredible clutches by ‘Mathew Mcconaughey’, Cheap CSGO Skins to a potential cheater that still failed to get kills.
Here are a few of the highlights from the flow. There were too many hilarious moments to choose from, but here are four of them to give you a taster.

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