lucky: How confident are you in your team's quarterback situation?

How confident are you in your team's quarterback situation?

Maj 19 2017 på 04:32
Wait. Before you answer that, let's get a couple of things straight. Although this is the time of year for unbridled NFL optimism -- post-draft, pre-minicamp, very few injuries so
far -- it's important not to confuse optimism with confidence. If you are, say, a Bears fan, you can talk yourself into feeling very good about a situation that involves Mike Glennon's latest shot to be a starter combined with the future of Mitchell Trubisky. But that's a hopeful feeling. Confidence has to wait for some evidence -- real confidence does, at least. Also, note the phrase above: "quarterback situation." That means that although you might like your team's starter better than some other teams' starters, to answer
our question, you must ask a few more questions. How confident are you that your starter can play all 16 games? How much longer can he play? How good do you feel about the backup if he has to play? These are the factors that go into our occasional feature called the "QB Confidence Index." Here, we examine each of the 32 NFL teams' quarterback pictures, throw them into tiers and rank them based on how confident each team is right now. This list changes throughout the year, and again, it's intended as something more than just a ranking of starting quarterbacks. Keep that in mind before you get mad about where your guy is sitting.
Brady, Ryan Yovani Gallardo Authentic > and Dak Prescott (who has played only one year) are the only quarterbacks with a higher Total QBR since the start of the 2015 season than Kirk Cousins. Washington didn't extend Cousins last year because it wanted to see another season like the one he had in 2015, and he gave them one. Washington still hasn't extended him, and if it doesn't by July 15, it's almost sure to lose him next March. Sources say there have been discussions about a long-term deal, and the team is interested up to a certain salary level. But due to the deadline and the lack of clarity in the Washington front office following the early March firing of general manager Scot McCloughan, there isn't a lot of optimism from either side that something will get done in the next two months. This is what keeps Washington in this part of the rankings. If it were truly confident about its situation, Cousins would have his long-term deal already. Instead, Washington backs him up with Colt McCoy and Nate Sudfeld and risks the possibility of starting from scratch in Steven Souza Youth 2018. When your performance declines in your age-36 season, that doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. Carson Palmer's completion percentage last season was his lowest since 2011, when he was a Raider. (Remember Palmer as a Raider?) His yards per attempt were his lowest since 2010, when he was a Bengal. (Remember Palmer as a Bengal?) Touchdowns down, interceptions up, fumbles way up ... it was alarming stuff all the way across the board for Palmer in 2016. The Cardinals didn't draft a quarterback, but they added Blaine Gabbert and undrafted rookie Trevor Knight to a backup corps that already included Drew Stanton and Zac Dysert. The only other teams with five quarterbacks right now are the Vikings (if you count injured Teddy Bridgewater) and the Bills (we'll get to them in a second). If Palmer is healthy and throwing it the way he was in 2015, the Cardinals are as confident as anyone. But there isn't a real solid feel to the quarterback situation in the desert right now. Sources close to the situation say the Chiefs' coaching staff hasn't lost faith in Alex Smith, who is expected to be the starter all season while first-round pick Patrick Mahomes II learns the NFL game. Tyler Bray or Joel Stave would be in line to fill in if Smith were to get hurt early in the season. But Smith is signed for only two more years, and the Chiefs can get out of his contract very easily next offseason. Smith is fine for what the Chiefs are doing right now, and it appears that they believe they can win with him. But in today's AFC West, winning isn't easy. At some point, the Chiefs are going to look to Mahomes to elevate their ceiling at the most important position.

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