maryshirly: Get The Facts On Fat Burning

Get The Facts On Fat Burning

Apr 21 2017 på 11:05
What this means Flat Belly Overnight Trick is that your metabolism is raised for a much longer period than with a traditional LIT or "fat burning zone" workout.

Something extraordinary happens when you train using high intensity cardio. A study at Laval University in Quebec published in a journal called 'Metabolism' back in 1994, showed that high intensity exercise burned off significantly more body fat than steady state endurance exercise. In this case we're not talking about calories burned during exercise, or whether they came from fat or carbohydrate, we're talking about actual fat that disappeared from actual bodies.

The research concluded that: Every calorie you burn during high intensity exercise strips off 9 times more body fat than a calorie burned during low intensity cardio!

In other words, to come close to matching the results from a short duration high intensity workout, you'd have to burn off nine times as many calories using low intensity cardio.

Intensity is a function of the duration of your workout. In other words, the longer the workout, the less intense it will be because the body progressively fatigues the longer Flat Belly Overnight Reviews you exercise. in other words, you can either exercise for a long time OR you can train intensely - but you can't do both!

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